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Homestay Varkala

If you are looking for a cheap holiday, then surely this beach will be there in your list. Varkala is the home of the popular Papanasam beach. Paganism beach is one of the lovely and stunning beaches in Kerala, which has rocky cliff ends from where the visitors can watch the awesome views overlooking the Arabian Sea. Comparatively, this beach is less crowded and smaller in stretch than other prominent beaches in Kerala and it is ideal for swimming too. Visitors can play cricket here, volley ball and even it is possible to practice yoga. And if you are lucky, you will get a rare opportunity to sight a naughty dolphin. This beach is renowned for its mineral spring. It is considered to have mineral and curative properties. Many peoples are coming here to take bath in and drink the water from this spring because of the belief that it will wash away all the impurities and the sins they have. The view of sunset in the Varkala beach will be an unforgettable one for everybody.

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